Quality & Benefits

Norwegian Quality & Design

Over 60 years, Fjords® has earned a high reputation in creating classic, timeless and sophisticated furniture pieces. As the world-renowned Scandinavian furniture brand, Fjords® believes good functionality forms the basis of all designs. Every Fjords® piece is designed with you in mind – every tiny detail is tailored to your taste and necessity.

As a testimony of our commitment to quality, all Fjords® furniture pieces are crafted in accordance with Norwegian and international standards. Personalized design together with its tested functionality, Fjords® coherent craftsmanship is heartedly admired by European, American and Asian home lovers.


Norwegian Comfort for distinctive living using only the finest materials such as premium leather and European beech wood. Each Fjords® Recliner provides a level of luxurious comfort you have yet to experience. The Recliner’s unique design relaxes muscles from head to toe, improves blood circulation and provides ideal support to the spine. Once you lie down on it, you will fall into a world of ultimate comfort, and you will feel the fatigue in every part of your body drain away within seconds.


**Only available in selected models.